IMG_20141122_124951763This was the sixth time I visited Goa. Like all times I tried to find out “must see lesser known” places before my travel. However this time it was relying on a friends advice and not internet. So I decided to put these places on internet for others. This trip stood out compared to previous ones as I came across some really great places to visit. All of them had great food, wonderful setting and ambience, lovely views. So here I am sharing few “must visit places” for your next trip to Goa.

Fountain haas
This place gives you a sense of old Goa. Colored houses, quiet neighborhood and pretty much nothing else. But still a great place to visit. Don’t forget to check out Velha-this store sells some neat Portugal ceramic items.

Calamari on Candolim
A great shack in the heart of Goa, you could miss the lane so ask for directions. While you could find it expensive for a shack but with live music and the neat set up its a good change from the run down shacks.

IMG_20141121_172213189_HDRTheressa on Anjuna
If you want to get seated here ensure to book a table and reach by 4 PM. The sunset here is a must see and has to be in your bucket list. Perfect ambience if you wish to surprise your partner. You will feel that this is a perfect venue for a anniversary party you would like to throw sometime.

Om made Cafe at Anjuna.
Right time to visit is in morning after 9 AM. They just get started then! Great place to grab some wraps, exotic shakes and a variety of English and American breakfast options.

Bora Bora at Morjim
Serves Russian cuisine, the Turtle logo is intriguing. The place becomes a sunset viewing hub around 5pm. Even for vegetarians there are some outstanding options.

‘Baba Au Rhum’ back road of Baga towards Anjuna
A place you need to be a bit lucky to find. But if you find it, you will adore it. Trusting your GPS is a good idea. Once you are here, enjoy the great ambience and some delicious snacks, lip smacking burgers, sumptuous desserts. The setting is perfect for a book read while romancing with nature (or your girl) 😉

St. Anthony at Baga
One of the better off shacks at Baga Beach with some fresh Karaoke music.

LPK Candolim
Acronym for “Love Passion Karma”. I was intrigued by this place, did not check it out this time. Would love to do so in future.

So if you are tired of visiting Titos, Birittos check out the above places. IMG_20141121_235706072

They say one needs to visit Goa every year. While I did not agree earlier but if there are more such places … Bring it on !


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